Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

It is no trick, but it might be a treat, to see this wonderful (and slightly creepy) photo from the 1905 musical The Pearl and the Pumpkin featuring music by John W. Bratton and lyrics by Paul West. The photo below shows Taylor Granville as Joe Miller, who is transformed into a Pumpkin early in the show. The transition of the headpiece into the face is very well done.

Taylor Granville as Joe Miller transformed into the titular pumpkin.

The show premiered at the Colonial Theatre in Boston on July 17, 1905. The New York run began at the Broadway Theatre on August 21, 1905, and closed on November 4, 1905, after 72 performances--a respectable run for a musical in the early 1900s. A number of songs from the show were recorded, too—I will share a few in the future. The show toured the northeast for the rest of the theatrical season. A second touring season was announced, but was seemingly cancelled.

Of special interest is that the scenery, costumes, and props were all designed by W. W. Denslow, who designed the character costumes for The Wizard of Oz. As these posts continue, it will be interesting to compare Denslow's design aesthetic of the two shows.

In the meantime, though—Happy Halloween!

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