Sunday, January 21, 2024

Happy 121st Birthday!


On this date, January 21, in 1903, The Wizard of Oz premiered on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre on Columbus Circle. 

As most of the United States has been suffering through very cold winter weather this last week, I hope the Snow Queen and her Snow Boys and Girls will bring a little winter cheer to our frigid reality. For those curious, those pictured are (left to right) Anna Fitzhugh, Albertina Benson, Georgia Baron, I think the next is Mabel DeVere, and the line ends with Lillian DeVere. I believe the DeVeres were sisters. 

While the icy girls were frigid enough to kill the poppies, they certainly warmed up the audience at the end of Act I.

I will also take this opportunity to update you on the progress of my book. While I have stopped sharing chapters online, the research and writing continue apace: I am just now finishing Chapter Ten.

More soon!

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